Dad Arrested for Allegedly Making Threatening Calls to Kid's School Over Too Much Homework

Colleen Dilthey Thomas

Parenting is not for the faint of heart; no matter what age your children are, there will be challenges. Some say the infant stage is the hardest, whereas others argue that toddlers are harder. But what happens when your children get to school and you must deal with friends, teachers, and homework? Is that stage actually the hardest? For some parents, the answer is yes.

A frustrated Ohio father was apparently at his wits' end with his child’s homework and wanted the school to know about it, but they say he took it too far. Adam Sizemore, 37, allegedly called the school to complain so many times that police got involved, and he ended up being charged with harassment.

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Evidently, there was a lot of homework.

According to, Sizemore has a student at Kramer Elementary School who was assigned too much homework, in the father’s opinion. The aggravated father reportedly called the school multiple times on February 29 and is being accused of “verbal abuse and vulgar language,” according to a criminal complaint obtained by the news site.

His behavior was reportedly concerning to school staff.

On March 1, Sizemore allegedly called the school again multiple times and made threatening remarks, according to the report. The principal said Sizemore told him he “better put his big-boy pants on.” In response, the school stopped answering the angry father’s calls, WXIX reported.

Unsatisfied, Sizemore began calling police.

Sizemore called dispatch at least 18 times and made concerning remarks, according to WXIX. The dispatcher reportedly tried to diffuse the situation, but Sizemore continued his aggressive behavior.

He allegedly demanded to be connected to the police chief, and the dispatcher told him to come to the police station, to which Sizemore replied, “He can come to my f---ing house. I pay for him. He can come to my house.”

Police reportedly warned the father.

Dispatch told Sizemore that they would send officers to his home if he didn’t stop calling them, per WXIX. He did not heed the warning and wound up in handcuffs.

“That ultimately ended when we took him into custody for telecommunications harassment as well as a menacing charge,” Oxford Police Detective Sgt. Adam Price told WXIX.

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Sizemore was arrested and charged.

He was taken to jail and charged with two first-degree misdemeanors for telecommunications harassment and a fourth-degree misdemeanor charge for menacing, per court documents.

According to the Butler County Area Courts, Sizemore has a lengthy police record, including prior charges of disorderly conduct, assault, operating a vehicle while impaired, and menacing.

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