Parents Arrested After Allegedly Passing Out Drunk on the Beach & Losing Their Kids

Colleen Dilthey Thomas

A Georgia couple was visiting Florida with their children on March 16 when they found themselves handcuffed on Daytona Beach. The parents, Alyssia Langley and Timothy Stephens, both 27, were reportedly so intoxicated on the beach that they passed out and left their two young children to run free with no supervision. Thankfully, the children were unharmed, but this is likely a trip no one will ever forget.

Body cam footage shows Volusia County sheriff's deputies attempting to wake the parents, who were passed out in the sun and not easily stirred. When officers finally get their attention, the parents appear disoriented and shocked that they are being arrested.

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Concerned beachgoers called 911.

Witnesses reportedly called authorities after growing concerned about Langley and Stephens' condition. Body cam footage shows the couple sleeping on the sand on top of each other. They appear to be suffering from a combination of both too much sun and too much booze. Their children are nowhere to be found.

Deputies tried multiple times to wake them up.

According to an arrest affidavit obtained by Fox 35, deputies called the couple eight times before they finally roused them from their sleep. The video shows a deputy pulling on the couple and finally yelling, "Sheriff's office! Wake up!"

Once they are awake, Langley fumbles through a bag to try to find identification and Stephens tries to find the children but has no idea where they are. He appears concerned as he looks out into the ocean and sees no sign of them.

The couple was cuffed and detained.

As deputies explain to the couple they are being arrested and that their children will be cared for, Langley appears to mouth to her fiancé that she is going to "kill" him. The father then tries to run away, ultimately falling and knocking himself out, leading deputies to call for an ambulance before the video stops.

The sheriff was shocked.

Sheriff Mike Chitwood told Fox 35 about the shocking incident. "I went and read the report, and I'm like, 'You got to be kidding me.'"

The parents had no idea where their children were, but authorities found them swimming in a hotel pool nearby, unsupervised but safe.

"It just boggles my mind that you would drive here and get obliterated and allow a 5- and a 7-year-old to wander off," he said.

Both were charged with felony child neglect, Fox 35 reported.

"When we wonder what we see, why kids are the way they are, you gotta take a step back and look at who's in charge. And clearly, these two clowns shouldn't be in charge of ... they can't be in charge of themselves, let alone a five-year-old or a seven-year-old," Chitwood said.

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The video has disturbed a lot of people online.

As body cam footage made the rounds on social media, people couldn't believe what they saw. Someone posted the footage in Reddit's OhNoConsequnces forum, where commenters condemned the parents.

They remarked about Stephens attempting to vape in handcuffs.

"I started laughing at that part. What a winner," someone wrote. "Bolted from his 'fiancé' and left her there to make his escape by running drunk and handcuffed on sand. If they hadn't put the lives of two children at risk it would be more amusing."

People remarked about what could have happened.

"Being so drunk you pass out whilst your unsupervised kids play in the ocean. They're lucky the only reason they're not going home with the kids is because they got arrested," another person commented.

And this person made a great point: "Even if you didn't have kids or dependents with you, passing out drunk at the beach is dumb for so many reasons. Most people drinking at the beach have a few beers or something sat in chairs or on a towel. If they want more they go somewhere else.

"Who the hell gets this wasted on the beach in the first place, then have kids with them in the ocean who could drown, get swept out or kidnapped," the person continued. "The[y] could get lost, get hit by a car etc. These are just terrible people in general. You should have to get a license to be a parent."

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