Mom Begs for Help Finding 9-Year-Old After Dad Refused To Return Her After Weekend Visit

Colleen Dilthey Thomas

A terrified mother in Oklahoma took to social media on March 19, pleading for help finding her young daughter. Angela McDaniel claims her ex-husband, 53-year-old Bradley Brooks, physically assaulted her current husband, Justin McDaniel, when he tried to pick up their 9-year-old daughter, Kenzie, from Brooks' home on March 17. According to McDaniel, Brooks was intoxicated at the time, violating a court order, and when she demanded he take a drug test and return Kenzie to her, he went silent.

McDaniel, who posts on TikTok as @mcdaniellife, shared her story in a series of videos and implored anyone with information to help bring the little girl home.

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The mother has been waiting to hear from her daughter or ex-husband for days.

According to her video, Brooks told his ex-wife he would not comply with her demands and cut her off from contact with both himself and Kenzie. She tells CafeMom he has never done anything like this to her before. She says her daughter was last seen in Edmond, Oklahoma, but she thinks Brooks may have taken her to Texas.

McDaniel contacted police.

She explained in a TikTok that she had made a police report in Oklahoma and that if someone saw the pair, police would send a notice to the local police department to bring her home.

She described Brooks as 6'1" and 180 pounds with full tattoo sleeves on both arms and missing all his front top teeth except the right canine. She added that he drives a 2016 silver Dodge Ram quad cab truck with a dented tailgate.

Brooks is reportedly in the construction business.

According to a Facebook profile, Brooks owns Bradley Brooks Construction in Edmond. His ex-wife said he was building Airbnb facilities in Texas out of shipping containers, but she was unsure where.

McDaniel added in a TikTok that if Brooks did take their daughter from Oklahoma to Texas, it would be considered "a felony called child stealing." Per their agreement, Brooks can only have Kenzie from Friday evening to Sunday every other weekend. He allegedly lost visitation rights for five months for failing to provide a clean drug test, the mother said.

McDaniel reportedly has a protection order against Brooks.

She explained in a video that she does not do exchanges with her ex-husband because she has a protection order against him due to past physical abuse. She warned anyone who might see him to contact police because she feared he would assault anyone who approached him and reportedly carries a gun. She added that Brooks allegedly uses drugs and alcohol and is often intoxicated.

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Her message went viral on social media.

McDaniel's videos have racked up millions of views in a few short hours, and the message has been shared all over the world.

A Texan wrote, "I'm in Austin, TX. Last night we reported an abandoned quad cab dodge ram that was parked on a busy thoroughfare in the lane with no lights on..."

Others shared love and prayers.

"You reached Arizona! I'm so sorry Mama! I know you are terrified! I am praying for you! Sharing this!" one comment reads.

"Reached Ohio! Praying for her safety & peace for your family πŸ’—," someone else wrote.

The message made it all the way to Europe.

"THIS HAS REACHED THE UK! i wish you the best in finding your kiddo!!❀️" one person commented.

Anyone with information should contact the Oklahoma City Police Department at (405) 297-1000.

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