Woman's Gym Membership Canceled After She Photographed a 'Man' in the Women's Locker Room

Colleen Dilthey Thomas

A woman from Alaska claims Planet Fitness unjustly canceled her gym membership after she made a complaint. Patricia Silva was a regular member of the Fairbanks Planet Fitness and saw something in the women's locker room that bothered her. She said she saw a man shaving, questioned him, and took his photo. The individual promptly told her they were a member of the LGBTQ community and had a right to be there.

In an email statement to Fox News Digital, the company identified the individual as transgender. In a social media video, Silva alleges that Planet Fitness sided with the man and canceled her membership. She says she wants the "shenanigans" to stop.

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Silva first addressed the issue in a Facebook video.

She posted on March 11, sharing that she saw a man shaving in the women's bathroom.

"I realize he wants to be a woman; he gets to be a woman; I love him in Christ. He's a spiritual being with human experience. He doesn't like his gender, so he wants to be a woman. But I'm not comfortable with him in my bathroom," she says in the 30-second clip.

She said she told the individual to leave.

In a follow-up video, Silva explained that she confronted the individual, who asserted themselves as an LQBTQ+ community member with the right to be there. Unsatisfied, she told someone at the front desk, who allegedly ignored her. Still unhappy, she took to social media to spread the news.

There was apparently more to the story.

Per a video on Facebook posted March 13, Silva said in addition to herself and the individual, a young girl in the locker room who was wearing just a towel looked concerned. Silva said the girl appeared to be about 12 years old. That is when Silva decided to confront the adult and take the photo. Two days later, Planet Fitness canceled her membership and, she claims, sided with the transgender member.

According to Fox News Digital, a Planet Fitness policy reads: "If a serious concern or significant doubt about the bona fides of a person's transgender or nonbinary status/identity arises and which the team member can articulate, the team member shall address their concerns with the member. If discussion with the member fails to resolve the serious concern or doubt, the club may ask for external evidence of the member's asserted gender identity. If it is confirmed that a member is acting in bad faith and improperly asserts a gender identity, they may be asked to leave and their membership may be terminated."

Silva was upset.

She shamed the gym for not siding with a woman or the child who was reportedly in the locker room at the time. "Planet Fitness is defending the man in the women's locker room, the man with a penis, rather than the child in the corner with a towel wrapped around her," Silva said in a video.

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Her videos were met with mixed reactions.

Some agreed with Silva's stance and shamed the gym.

One person wrote, "I agree with her shame on planet fitness and a young girl in the locker room scared to death of this scene"

This person agreed, commenting, "Preach!! Thank you for standing up!"

Others thought she went too far.

"Get educated Karen. Next time mind your own g----mn business and changing in your car," another comment reads.

This person said what Silva did was a crime: "You are lucky you are not in the great state of Washington, where you would be rightfully charged with criminal harassment for your little stunt."

In the aftermath of the ordeal, Planet Fitness' stock valuation has reportedly dropped $400 million.

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