Alyssa Milano Under Fire Again After Charging Fans $80 Cash for Selfies

EntertainmentPublished Mar 21, 2024
By Sa'iyda Shabazz
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Alyssa Milano is coming under fire again, and yes, it’s about money. The former Who's the Boss? actress appeared at 90s Con this past weekend, and fans had to pay what many are saying seems like a high price for a selfie with the TV star. This latest money-grabbing controversy comes nearly two months after Alyssa came under fire for asking her social media followers to donate money to a $10,000 GoFundMe account set up for her son’s travel baseball team. Many people felt some type of way about Alyssa, who has a reportedly high net worth, asking her less financially privileged followers for money when she and the other parents presumably have enough money to cover the cost.

Alyssa spent a lot of time with her fans.

90s Con took place in Connecticut, bringing in many '90s TV icons and their fans. It’s a two-day convention full of panels and opportunities for those fans to meet their faves. A source told The U.S. Sun that Alyssa was in attendance all day on Saturday, taking photos with fans. The source also shared that they "only accepted cash for selfies and autographs at her meet-and-greet booth."

The con has specific rules.

If fans wanted a selfie taken with the star on their phone, it cost $80. There was an option to have a professional picture taken, but the price went up to $90, which also included a print of the picture as well as a digital download. An autograph also cost $80, and if you wanted both an autograph and a selfie, it was going to set you back $140. The source explained that there were ATMs all around the convention center, but some of them ran out of cash due to demand.

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Alyssa was in high demand.

Another fan told The U.S. Sun that she waited in line for almost two hours to meet Alyssa. "At any given time on Saturday, Alyssa had a very long line compared to the other stars," another person in attendance told the outlet. They also told the outlet that the line to meet Alyssa was "so insane" that you couldn’t even see her through the crowd.

"She was sweet and took the time to greet each fan, and even said that she would stay longer just to meet as many as she can," a source said.

She seemed to have a good time meeting fans.

Alyssa shared an Instagram Reel full of fan pictures throughout the day at the con. "I’m so overwhelmed. You’ve filled my bucket this weekend. Every moment of uncertainty that I’ve experienced in my career — or heartache — or hardship — feels like it makes sense," she began the post’s caption. "It’s all lead up to this moment. And I’m so appreciative that you still care. All these years later— you care. Thank you."

It might have been too soon to do something so public involving money.

In January, Alyssa shared the link to a GoFundMe she had started for her son Milo’s travel baseball team to go on a trip to Cooperstown, New York, on X (formerly Twitter). People became outraged that Alyssa was soliciting donations when they believed that she could easily fund the trip. She clapped back, saying that she "paid for uniforms for the entire team and coaches, thrown bday parties and sponsor any kid who can’t afford monthly dues" in the past.

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