Bronx Fans Trolling Jennifer Lopez After She Talked About 'Running Up & Down the Block'

EntertainmentPublished Mar 21, 2024
By Nicole Pomarico
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Jennifer Lopez might still see herself as Jenny from the Block at the end of the day, but she may be the only one! After Prime Video shared a clip from her new documentary, This Is Me... Now, where J.Lo talked about looking back on her life before fame, fans couldn't help trolling her. It seems like the "the block" isn't convinced that Jennifer ever belonged there — even when she wasn't known as one of the biggest celebrities in the world.

The clip was shared on Prime Video's TikTok.

In the video, Jennifer's in the gym when she takes her hair down, saying that the messy waves remind her of "when I was 16 and in the Bronx, running up and down the block."

"Crazy little girl who used to ... be wild and no limits, all dreams," she continued.

It appears she might have some beef with 'the block' these days.

Alongside a few jokes where people sarcastically remarked that they had no idea she was from the Bronx, people who actually are from the Bronx showed up in droves to set the record straight, as the New York Post pointed out.

"Real Bronxite here, straight from South Bronx. JLO, we did not run up and down the block looking like that. Even as a kid," one woman said when she stitched the video.

"I grew up in the Bronx and I never talk about it," one commenter shared.

Others mocked her for how often she brings up this part of her life.

"Ben has to hear about the Bronx every day," one person wrote, with another adding that there's a good chance that "every time she and Ben argue she reminds him she's from the Bronx."

As one commenter pointed out, "the block deserves royalties at this point."

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Jennifer's latest projects haven't been getting rave reviews.

Although many fans were fascinated seeing the dynamic between her and husband Ben Affleck in the documentary, they seemed less impressed by her movie. And her new album, This Is Me... Now, debuted at No. 1 on some charts but still only sold less than 15,000 copies in its first week.

Maybe Jenny needs to win the block back first?

Jennifer's come a long way from the days she was living in the Bronx.

But there are also so many other interesting parts of her story — including how her life is now, just the way she lives today — that it seems as if fans wouldn't mind hearing those instead.

At least for a little while!

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